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Augmented Reality Brought to Your Guests

Learn how findershare is enhancing the guest experience and gamifying resort properties with the power of AR.


Enhance the Guest Experience

A high-tech and user-friendly on-site Scavenger Hunt, using Augmented Reality, offers an added amenity for resorts. It merges the digital and physical worlds into one exceptional experience for your guests. Imagine a family making a short video and adding their own characters from Elephants to Alligators and Penguins, all while promoting your property.


We provide a turnkey solution with no infrastructure change to your property. Your custom branded App will transport your guests to strategic locations around your resort. 


The real win will come in using the Scavenger Hunt as a navigation tool to promote the guest experience:

  • Pools

  • Health Clubs

  • Business Centers

  • Restaurants

  • Spas

Experience Augmented Reality



Scavenger Mobile App Platform

What if you could gamify your entire property with minimal capital and no infrastructure? Our game platform does just that.

Customized For Your Brand

Our turnkey solution is customized to your brand and property.

Added Revenue

Add passive income to your operation.

60-90 Min Guest Experience

A game for the whole family, deployed across your entire property.

Targeted Locations

Drive traffic to targeted areas of your resort.


Meet The Team

A Collection of Entrepreneurs, Technologists & Timeshare Management Executives
Deborah Linden

Deborah has been an innovative entrepreneur for her entire career. She Co-founded Island One Resorts in 1981 and served as CEO of the timeshare development and management company for 30 years. 

Steve Nichols

A serial entrepreneur with more than 25 years in the advertising industry. Steve’s leadership experience has been showcased in seven business mergers and acquisitions.

David Morales

David brings over 20 years of media solutions across various industries for clients such as Universal Studios, Disney, and Microsoft. He is also Co-Founder of X Studios, a renowned AR & technology company.

Tim Santor

Tim has worked on many technology initiatives for Fortune 500 companies. Tim’s experience ranges from hands-on software engineering & management. Tim also serves as Co-Founder of X Studios.

Tanya Papuga

With nearly two decades of sales experience and over a decade in senior leadership positions, Tanya Papuga has dedicated her career to developing the sales platforms of tomorrow.

Michael Finn

Award-winning leader and innovator with proven ability to develop marketing and sales potential in various markets and segments. 25+ years experience in sales, marketing, executive and management for hospitality, and vacation ownership.



Let’s Work Together

601 W Webster Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789

Tel: 407.342.5409

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